Amish Walking Stick


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Hand sculpted by gifted Amish craftsmen, these rustic yet elegant walking sticks and canes are made from exquisite select hardwoods that include Oak, Hickory, Walnut and Aromatic Cedar. Each piece is carefully chosen for unique qualities that endow each walking stick with its own charming personality.

On Point Laser Engraving adds the finishing touches by artfully inscribing your message permanently into your walking stick and hand rubbing it with Boiled Linseed Oil. Enjoy a lifetime of service, durability and panache with a genuine, Amish, handcrafted Walking Stick or Cane.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 36 × 2 in

Made from select hardwoods.
Leather wrist throng.
Rubber tip.


Hand-rubbed with Boiled Linseed Oil


Custom engraving


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